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Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 21 January - PM. Hey everybody, awesome guide and I'm loving the recent updates. Quick question: Should I be concerned about the fact that two of the. They seem like slightly different versions judging by the "modified" dates given, with Engine Fixes' files being a bit older.

I wouldn't even ask and just follow the guide, except that it does seem like a couple users have commented about CK not starting properly, which makes me skeptical.

I'm just a bit curious about the Immersive Weapons Leveled Lists. When I do my bashed and smashed patch, none of the records get copied over, even when I add delev, relev, and invent tags. Any thoughts? Are we trying to not have them added to leveled lists?

Posted 22 January - AM. Once LOOT is installed, you need to sort your plugins outside of MO at least once so everything updates before setting up some Mod Groups that will be used throughout this guide. However, on the mod listing page it says that it should be added to the merge.

Just want to confirm, are we adding it to the merge or not? Mator says that will be fixed in v0. I will sort that out zMerge is a big shift but a shift for the better. Or do one of the mods in the guide already include one that I might be missing. Recommend some clarifying instruction in the merge page. Because I've built it, I now know where to look, but if I was brand new - I would be completely lost. Now it just says to select all of the plugins - which could be very hard for a newbie to figure out.

This is true for many merges, such as OMEGA AIO - where 2 go into one merge, and several go into another merge - but the original should not be unchecked.

zmerge guide

I've tried to Skyrim, and now love the SSE versions. But I have only been following you for about 6 months now. Hey, guys, I have pushed my latest changes through to Nexus Version of the guide so check the changelog. I just took a glance at the. Both versions of each of these files are vastly different sizes. The versions in Engine Fixes are, like about twice the filesize of the ones in CKfixes. Thanks for the reply.

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I hope you enjoy Lexy's LOTD SE

Huge thanks to RSilver and all my other Patreon supporters. My Patreon. Fixed this:. Hotfix release for v0. Skip to content. Dismiss Be notified of new releases Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. Sign up. Releases Tags. Latest release. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. Alpha Release v0.

Merges with script fragments should no longer break. Now handling dialog views Huge thanks to RSilver and all my other Patreon supporters. Assets 3. Source code zip.

zmerge guide

Source code tar. Fixed this: Changes Fixed profiles being invalid if gamePath didn't end in trailing slash Fixed overflow issue with node columns on record view Disabled plugins can no longer be activated on the plugins tab of the edit merge modal or the load order selection modal. Changes Fixed script fragment handling being case sensitive Now handling script fragments with custom filenames Fixed extracted file handling mutating temporary extracted files directory, causing repeat builds to miss certain files Fixed extracted files getting copied to drive root on repeat builds Made Bethesda Archives asset section display more like other asset sections Fixed an issue that caused folder names to be missing the first character Fixed an issue that caused SEQ files to not be made for merges using the Clean merge method.

Changes Fixed bug with merged BSAs causing the game to crash they were being built for the wrong game mode, see the xelib v0. Fixes Fixed bug with relinker not working with new merge folder name format Fixed importing merge data not working with the old merge folder name format Fixed issue with merge statuses not updating properly after a merge is built Fixed dragging items from one list view to another Made argument handling more robust Added Common Mistakes guide documentation page.

The load order tab allows you to edit the load order of a merge. Green entries are plugins that are part of the merge, and red entries are plugins which are positioned in a way that will create an error hover over them for a tooltip explaining the issue Added support to "Use game load order" for merges. The merge will still save files for debugging on failure to remove a master.In this step, you will be using a program called zMerge to reduce the overall ESP count.

Earlier in the guide, you set up a plugin for MO2 called Merge Plugin Hide which will be used to automate moving merged plugins to the Optional directory for their respective mods. To make your life easier in the long run, I strongly suggest creating a merge profile for every merge in this guide, and keeping them.

User:DrPharmDawg/SkyRem Guide How To

You will have to update merges in the future as included mods get updated, and not having to hunt for masters every time will greatly increase the likelihood that you hold on to a little of your sanity. Additionally, before starting, you can save yourself some time by creating a blank profile as the base for all of your merges. This can be accomplished by following these steps:. As you create your new merges, you will follow basically the same process for creating each merge profile, while using the "Blank for Merges" profile as the base.

Once you have created a merge profile, run the following steps to prepare the merge:. Post merge creation confirm the ini has been copied and renamed in the merge to match the merged esp. LOOT might spew out a cyclic error when trying to sort this merge. Please note when using SSEEdit to check for errors this merge will spew out errors in the Shader Particle Geometry this is false positive and can be safely ignored.

Please note this merge requires Keep It clean to be installed if you did not install Keep It Clean you will have to clean the Master yourself. This can be accomplished by following these steps: Click the Configure Profiles icon at the top of the main Mod Organizer window. The icon looks like an ID card. Type "Blank for Merges" in the text box and hit OK. Once you have created a merge profile, run the following steps to prepare the merge: Switch to the profile for the merge group you are working on.

Manually activate each of the mods to be included in the merge, along with their masters. Run LOOT on the merge profile to sort your load order.

After running LOOT and applying the updated load order, manually arrange the ESPs in the bottom-right pane to match the order listed below. Once you have successfully arranged the merge profile, it's time to actually create the merge. Ensure that the correct merge profile is active. Open zEdit and select zMerge from the drop-down menu. Press Start Session. Press the Create Merge button. Under the Detail tab, fill in the name and filename of the merge specified below.

Select the Clobber merge method. Under the Plugins tab, select the plugins to include in the merge not their masters. Press the Build button to create your merge.This guide is effectively a beta and is best suited for experienced modders.

It is strongly advised that new modders install everything without deviation. This is designed to be a full installation guide, taking you from a fresh Skyrim SE installation to a fully modified game.

The guide is actively maintained and in a constant state of flux. As of this writing, it is updated once a week when circumstances allowusually on Mondays. Installation can take anywhere from a day or two to a full week or more, depending on how much time you dedicate to it.

As noted in the warning above, this guide is designed for experienced modders, and the instructions, though they are written for clarity, do assume a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the tools. If you have a higher spec machine. There is a video series special thanks to PheonixSunstar that shows the entirety of this guide's installation.

Merge Plugins : Start to Finish

It can be found here. This guide will take a substantial amount of time and a large amount of hard drive space approximately GB, not including your base Skyrim install. It also involves the use of more advanced modding concepts. Prior to beginning the installation, I suggest giving the entire guide a read-through to be fully aware of everything you will need to do to complete the installation.

Remember that the end goal of the guide is to actually PLAY the game and enjoy it.

zmerge guide

This will take several sessions to install from scratch. This is not your father's Skyrim, kids. Be warned: It is a much more difficult game, especially until level The quests you used to do at level 1 aren't going to be doable until much later on unless you are a very experienced solo player or have a number of followers trailing behind you. Even dedicated solo players have adopted follower usage trying to play this guide. The mod list can be used as a base to build or remove from, but it is strongly advised that you install and play-test the entire guide with nothing omitted or added to ensure it is stable before doing so.

Again, if you complete the installation and the game isn't working, it is far more likely that you made an error in installation than that Lexy made a mistake in her instructions. There is a Discord Community that has an unwritten rule of tolerance towards those new to modding within reasonbut self-help is preferred and appreciated.

The Discord is friendly, helpful, and has a knowledgeable staff. As the guide is frequently updated, you will, at some point, have to stop modding it and just play or you will be caught up in a never-ending loop of restarting with new characters.

Most users create two separate installations of MO2, one for playing and one for updating. Those who are OCD about always keeping things up to date will find this helps sooth the itch.What is SkyRem? Yes - SkyRem is an acronym if you have delved into any of my mods, this is probably very apparent for Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Modding.

Alone, Skyrim is a great game. With the involvement of the modding community, it has become a phenomenal game. This guide, along with the few mods I have authored, is my attempt to give back to that community or at least contribute in some way. SkyRem Concept: Add to the Skyrim experience by incorporating elements of strategic roleplay that focus on character creation, growth, and development that works seamlessly with the base vanilla game. While this began with the desire to tweak character creation, it has since grown into two currently series of mods and now a guide as I work to put it all together.

There are great guides available already, with different focuses, different objectives, and varying degrees of difficulty both difficulty of game and difficulty of guide. After countless hours of using other guides, adding, subtracting, altering, combing through category by category every mod on the Nexus, and reading and researching This is not a difficulty or beautification mod guide by design.

One could argue that difficulty is incorporated simply by the nature of the roleplay focus and modifications, but the intent of the guide goes far beyond just making Skyrim more difficult. As for beautification - there are plenty of mods specifically for this included in the guide, but is not the primary focus.

SkyRem is also relatively new and under continual development, and may be better suited to those with some degree of modding experience beginners beware. While not intended to "hold your hand", the goal is to ultimately allow any level of modder to be able to complete the guide successfully. A word of caution: It is best to peruse the guide and determine what kind of install you wish to do before starting core or extended. Then complete that install prior to customizing your mod load adding, subtracting, changing Following the guide exactly will help prevent issues down the road.

The vast majority of issues is due to skipping a step, missing a tag, not following each note precisely, etc. The guide contains a lot of information and it is easy to miss something.

The intent is to create a modded Skyrim, and play. It is easy to get caught in a perpetual cycle of updating, adding, and removing mods.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 06 April - PM. How often the game crash after the guide? Posted 07 April - AM.

I just re-installed the guide to the latest -was previously running the end of December version- and in early returns my new install seems to be running smoothly and I am happy about the recent changes. I wanted to ask about one issue I encountered -- My character had a missing texture for the axe when wearing the campfire backpacks.

Since the versions of campfire, frostfall and their unofficial patch are unchanged from my old install which didn't have this issue I wound up focused on the other mods that seemed to touch the axe and had changed in the guide - the Forgotten Retex optional and ElSopa 2K. Deactivating ElSopa made no difference, but with the Forgotten Retex optional file inactive my back-axe looks right.

I wanted to check if rolling back the FR file to the older version would help, but I appear to have tossed or overwritten the old installer. I am a bit concerned since FR is a "core" mod in the guide. I'm not sure exactly where I need to start looking to find the problem. I did double check the Stunning Statues of Skyrim installation. I did the coc check to those locations and never had any problems.

I fast traveled to the orc stronghold in that area. After the orc "greeting" I had a CTD. No freezing, hard CTD every time. I tried going around the farm and still CTD.

I'm level 6 and just trying out the guide in anticipation of V5 of the museum yay. The game has been great up until this point. Posted 07 April - PM. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I read that about SIC more than once.It is recommended to sort your load order and test your setup following each step.

LOOT will do the majority of your sorting automatically, and any manual adjustments needed will be noted in the final steps prior to the final sorting.

Note that LOOT will identify plugins that need to be cleaned and keep a tally by the Dirty Plugins header near the top. If this number is anything other than 0scroll through your mods in the right pane and find which mod requires cleaning and take the necessary steps.

Also research any Errors noted. The Warnings can be ignored as they pertain to compatibility which is largely addressed with Merges throughout the guide, and because they are merged, LOOT will not find them. It is safe and faster to wait until the end and flag all plugins at one time. This does not have to be done as you install them just do not forget to do so.

While not technically something that is required for the guide, this is a good tool to use if you are nearing the plugin limit and want to find plugins that can be flagged as ESL to reduce the count.

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