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Traxxas maxx 4s fan upgrade

Exclusive Content. Its impressive size, strength and speed quickly redefined the monster truck genre. The new Maxx is a completely new go-fast monster truck that embodies what we love about the X-Maxx, but in a sleeker and even faster package.

Traxxas Maxx is smaller and lighter than the X-Maxx, but is designed to be even tougher and durable than its predecessor. The engineers at Traxxas were able to make this happen by designing components that absorb and dissipate impacts and also by over engineering driveline and suspension components so that they feature bulletproof reliability. What we get is one heck of a fun time. Understanding the needs of enthusiasts, Traxxas offers a wide selection of upgrade parts and accessories for the Maxx.

Using Traxxas designed and made parts gives you the piece of mind that the upgrades you install on your Maxx are crafted to the same quality that the truck itself is designed and made with.

Traxxas Maxx

This guide of Maxx factory parts features just some of the upgrades that are available from Traxxas. Our Notes: The WideMaxx suspension kit extends the track of the Maxx out by 20mm per side allowing you to blast through turns and soak up rough terrain like never before.

Additionally, new springs are included for the rear of the truck to dial in the suspension settings, while the original rear springs move to the front for optimum balance and performance. A set of wide toe links are also included. Its included high voltage amplifier efficiently powers the high-power light bar and tightly regulates output to provide stable lighting performance, without flickering or dimming as the battery voltage changes. Smart brake lights work when brakes are applied in both forward and reverse directions.

Lights come preinstalled into replacement bumpers. Installation is easily tackled with its included clearly written and illustrated instructions. A direct replacement for the stock wheelie bar, this optional part is offered in five colors.

Installation is simple and only requires the removal and reinstallation of a few screws. Our Notes: Made of hardened steel, the Maxx Suspension Pin Set is the perfect upgrade to ensure your truck shrugs off the rough terrain that it rolls over. The set includes pins, screws and retainers.

These anodized aluminum buts come in your choice of four colors and are serrated for a secure fit. Our Notes: To get the most out of your Maxx, we figured out that this is the Traxxas battery that will best unlock its speed and power potential. Combined with the proper pinion and spur gear combination, this Traxxas Certified iD-Equipped LiPo battery will provide enough power for the Maxx to reach its top speed rating of over 60 miles per hour.

Even as directly configured out of the box, the Maxx is rated to go over 55 miles per hour running this battery. Your email address will not be published.Remember Me? Results 1 to 27 of Thread: Broken axels after WideMaxx upgrade. Broken axels after WideMaxx upgrade I just upgraded the Maxx with the WideMaxx upgrade, then took it for a quick spin and busted two axels and twisted the other two badly.

Any idea why this might have happened? I did use the auto-righting feature, but used that prior to the upgrade without any trouble. Assuming I need to buy one of these? Any suggestions?


But I want to be sure I get everything I need so I don't have future problems. Last edited by Lowtechtexan65; at PM. Reason: Add image. Originally Posted by Lowtechtexan Last edited by Flux Capacitor; at PM.

traxxas maxx 4s fan upgrade

Sent from my autonomous device. I've actually experienced this myself since putting my wide kit on. I went through 9 axles before I switched to the steel axles. I have to say since doing the steel axles it drives amazing. If you buy from your local shops they are Yes all that you listed it all you need.

Partand as well as the wide steel axles. Well worth the money. No thanks. I'm fine with my Narrow Maxx. Originally Posted by RazorRC Thanks for all the input.

I am going to buy the Steele axel kit and other parts. And I guess hope for the best! Originally Posted by Flux Capacitor. I have a ripped sidewall after 1 day of owning the maxx and only running 1 pac thru it. I am considering getting dboots backflip lp's but I want more of a stunt truck.Remember Me?

Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Maxx fan replacement. Maxx fan replacement So Brand new Maxx. After a few hours, one of the fan broke 2 of the wings were missing. After reading about the problem, both broken wings on the fans and overheating problems i decided to get a better fan as the sound of the original was also driving my crazy. Just listen to the difference After replacing the fan on the ESC i ordered one for the motor too.

I think the original fan is around 3 cfm, the noctua is 9,4 cfm The one i used: Noctua NF-A4x20 5V Fits exactly on top of the heatsink with 4mm screws. All you need to do is the replace the connector. Last edited by Wartech; at PM. Originally Posted by Blown Thanks for the heads up that fan fits mate.

Keep us posted on the result of installing one in the motor shroud as well! Originally Posted by Wartech. Originally Posted by RazorRC Nice find, let us know how it holds up. My aluminum fan seems to be holding up to big air so far. I can lift the car in the fan. The Maxx is very quite now but still they move alot of air. So if others are also annoyed at both the quality of the fans and the sound level, then this might be a solution.

Nice work bolting directly to the heat sink! Thanks for sharing, good to know replacement parts that work! Hey Wartech, any feedback on how your mod is holding up after sustained use?

Are the ESC heat sink fins holding up ok? And still no fan noise Fins are fine, none broken. Great mate! Thanks for getting back. Appreciate it. I posted a link to your fix on the Facebook Maxx owners group and just wanted to check in if how it was going long term. One nice thing about having loud fans is that you'll know when it's not working. The truck will be too quiet. Figure here might be a good place to post.

There seems to be a new version of the motor fan shroud. Now screwed to the motor heat sink.The X-Maxx pretty much rocks out of the box, with one exception, a watered down power system.

Traxxas Maxx

While the stock brushless system has decent power, it is nowhere in the realm of craziness that an E-Revo or Savage on 6S can provide. Kershaw Designs has a type of cult following. I think this perked up their ears because they immediately offered to blow our minds with some of their hop-ups.

So here we are with a review of just some of the goodies that Kershaw makes and sells to pump up the power in your X-Maxx.


How did the quality turn out? Did it really turn our X-Maxx into a fire breathing beast? Can the Kershaw hop-ups take a day-in-day-out beating without breaking? Read on to find out…. We used 6. Btw, we did change one more thing, we used a Futaba 4PX to control the beast.

Oh and yes, the Kershaw LiPos are 4S each and we had a pair, so they were wired at 8S for plenty of voltage to the brushless system. The motor bolted up with no issue, but because of the size of the pinion, mesh could not be adjusted with the pinion on, which takes up some extra time.

Our only real beef with the install had to do with the bullet connectors on the motor, they were a smaller diameter than what is required to plug into the ESC. We had to unsolder the bullets from the motor wires and install large units which were included. In fact, it is just plain stupid fast. How is that possible? Because the stock tires on the X-Maxx were such pizza cutters at 46 that we simply were unable to ever give the truck full throttle in a straight line speed pass.

We could wheelie-out the truck at any speed, even at 46 mph it was just a squirt of throttle away from being on its roof. Well, you better wear your big boy pants because it is a straight-up animal.

The motor mount was rock solid and did not bend and the huge pinion showed very little wear. As far as the electronics go, they are all still alive today and they ran at very moderate temperatures, even when bashing in modestly tall grass. So there ya have it, we experienced no issues with the Kershaw gear.

traxxas maxx 4s fan upgrade

If you are looking for truly outrageous, blow past all your buddies power, the Kershaw hop-ups can certainly do it. Yes, it can be tamed down by dropping from 8S to 6S or running a smaller pinion, but we were big fans of it full tilt.

Also of note, 5th scale electronics are known to be pricey, but the Kershaw gear hits the wallet lighter than just about anything else on the market, another huge plus for those looking for rocket power at a reasonable price. The motor mount was high quality and easy to install, the pinion worked as it should, the Kershaw LiPos ran cool and put out loads of power, and the Leopard brushless system really impressed us.

So absolutely, if you are looking to wayyyyy overpower your X-Maxx, we can highly recommend all the Kershaw hop-ups. Powered by.The new Traxxas Maxx follows in the footsteps of it's bigger brother, X-Maxx.

When looking to buy a new Traxxas Maxx, replacement parts, or aftermarket accessories, there's no better place to shop online than at RC Superstore. When you're bashing hard, there will come a point when you need a replacement part for your Maxx. You name it - Tires, shocks, stub axles, and just about everything in between.

We have the parts and upgrades to get your truck back out racing hard, with the competitive prices, fast shipping, and product knowledge to back it up! Choose Options. Add to Cart. This is the Traxxas Power Cell As with other EZ Peak iD chargers, these are compatible Power Cell LiPo This is the must-have set for all Traxxas owners. Set Includes:Straight Hex Drivers: 1.

Out of stock. With up to amps of output and the ability to operate the charger via Bluetooth from your iOS or Android device, this is the most powerful, most advanced charger ever from Traxxas! Traxxas iD Set Includes This is a replacement antenna tube. Antenna tubes are used to help secure and protect reciever antenna wires.

This set includes straight tip 1. Traxxas Stability Management TSM allows you to experience all the extreme power, speed, and acceleration The wireless module works with Android v4. The XO-1 relies on a high-strength tire bond to withstand incredible centrifugal forces at speeds in excess of The Transmitter Phone Mount provides a secure mounting base for your mobile device when using it for the Traxxas app.

Battery expansion kits are This is the Traxxas TQi 2. This thick viscosity oil can be used to stiffen up differential action in many RC vehicles. Diff oil this thick is often used for center differentials.

traxxas maxx 4s fan upgrade

For use with these This set includes 2. The antenna spool is used for wrapping excess antenna wire before inserting it in the antenna tube to prevent wire from hanging out the end of the tube, preventing damaged antenna wires caused by This oil can be used to tune differentials in many Traxxas vehicles for optimum performance. For use with these vehicles and more! FitsX-Maxx 8S.I know it's all personal taste but I just can't make up my mind.

I'm completely torn between a Traxxas Maxx and Arrma Outcast 4s. I know the radio gear is not great on the Outcast and I know the Maxx is more money. However if I upgrade the radio gear they fall into similar price brackets. What a great problem to have, wish u could just buy both but I'm pretty sure my children would be inheriting the due to my untimely demise.

If you're willing to spend the extra money for a maxx, and that's a big if, then definitely go for it. I'd say it's the strongest truck the hobby has ever seen. It's maddening how tough that thing is. I was making this same decision just after Christmas, I went kraton 4s based on watching videos I preferred the handling of the kraton, far to much turning over on the traxxass. No need for the self righting system of the traxxass as it never turns over unless crashed.

Honestly the maxx is in a completely different league compared to the arrma in terms of design and durability. I can understand it's ludicrous price a bit more now that I've seen it in action. They are well talked about and reviewed cars for a reason. Thanks to everyone who's posted so far. The reason the Outcast is in the mix is that it seems more aggressive standing back flips and also less likely to roll over in corners.

Must say I hadn't heard about the wide kit for the maxx, even more money to add to it. If you want tough, get the 6s Kraton and run it on 4s.

I'm not sure why people here argue that the Maxx is tough or even the toughest truck the hobby has ever seen wtfit's not the worst truck out there but it's like people have already forgotten that the Maxx had multiple videos where it broke from light bashing before it was even released in the UK.

Funny enough, some people defended that but then immediately jumped on the bandwagon bashing the 8s Kraton for doing exactly the same, figures. It's simply not worth that kind of money. And by no means is it "the toughest truck out there", it's not even a tough truck full stop. Well yes but all rcs break. Have you seen any of the videos where people go absolutely ham with the maxx.

I've never seen an RC take so much abuse and keep going.Its radical new design, massive size, brutal strength, and unmatched power transformed X-Maxx into the stuff of legends. There is really nothing else like it… until now. Let the fun begin! Extreme power. Extreme durability. Extreme fun! This is the foundation that the Maxx Experience is built upon. Maxx is once again reshaping monster truck fun and excitement.

Traxxas Velineon brushless power hits hard with massive 4s punch and effortless wheelies on demand. The high-output XL motor features a beefy, 5mm shaft, aluminum heat sink, and a powerful fan.

Maxx is engineered to withstand extreme punishment and intense driving action. Impact absorbing suspension arms soak up the hits with ease. The heavy-duty driveline components have been proven in vehicles larger and heavier than Maxx, so there is plenty of strength to spare. The Maxx chassis absorbs and dissipates impact energy across the entire structure.

Huge threaded-aluminum GT-Maxx shocks with large diameter shafts manage suspension damping. Maxx invites you to explore new ways to drive hard and have fun!

Buy Now. Maxx tires features a unique tread pattern with multiple layers of biting edges for sure-footed traction on just about any surface. The 2. Maxx uses a full length motor cradle to fully support the XL motor to eliminate gear-crunching flex. The innovative fixed gear mesh system precisely sets the gear mesh with fixed pins so you can focus on driving and having fun and never have to worry about gear mesh adjustment.

They also provide an authentic off-road look that fills in the wheel openings of the truck. Sometimes the landing after a jump does not go as planned, so the upper shock mounts are shrouded for protection against impacts and grinding. Waterproofing our models has never been an afterthought at Traxxas. Patented Traxxas innovation seals out the water so that your playground is extended through water, snow, and mud.

Dirty truck? Just hose it off.

New Colors Now Available!

The new style box allows fast radio access without removal. The steering servo in Maxx is the same size as the steering servo used on the giant X-Maxx. With oz-in of torque, it has strength and power in reserve for fast response and incredible steering authority.

The four extra-large bore, oil-filled GT-Maxx shocks provide super plush damping even on the roughest terrain. Extra-large diameter shock shafts move smoothly through the double X-ring seals for responsive damping.

Machined aluminum bodies are threaded to adjust ride height while the lower spring retainers are captured by screws to keep them secure, even on the harshest landings. Double-shear connections and extra-thick steel upper and lower tie bars provide incredible strength and impact resistance. Tough new composites further resist impact damage, even in cold weather.

The interlocking chassis design ties the shock towers, front and rear modules, and the main frame into a single rigid platform that is engineered to absorb and dissipate impact energy across the entire structure. Critical driveline, radio, and battery components are protected to keep Maxx off the workbench and out having fun.

Strategically placed tool access has been thoughtfully put in place to make any needed maintenance or repairs a snap to perform.

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