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Not the fairest comparison, but i was upgrading, not across the board swap, or downgrading, ART 9 mops the floor with the Ortofon quintets. My opinion is that if you want a lo mc cart in the 1k price range you wont better the ATR 9 period! I love the sound of this cart, and certainly not looking to replace it with anything else out there for more or less dollars. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

The Denon, another very low output MC, was not as dynamic. The Lyra, which may not have liked the fixed, 50 ohm loading of the phono section in my EAR preamp, couldnt match the AT on top. The AT is particularly good at vocal and instrumental timbre, sound stages very well, if perhaps not quite as well as the Kleosand is a fine tracker. Well, it's mounting holes are further back from the stylus than on many other cartridges, which influences the degree to which you have to turn the cartridge body to the right when viewed from the front to achieve proper alignment.

This is a cosmetic issue only, as proper alignment is achieved even though the cartridge will look like it doesn't match the arm designer's specification for offset angle. Sonically, I wouldn't say there is a downside.


Very good dynamics. Very Good tonality. Superior imaging. Superior sound stage dimensions. I don't have any experience with other ultra high end cartridges but to me this is about as good as it gets.

The cartridge is very even handed with very little sonic signature of its own, tracks well, has a very spacious soundstage and really lets the performance shine through.

Not bright here. Board index All times are UTC.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. What would be the ultimate Beatles vinyl collection to you? One pressing per album, and either mono or stereo. BejittoSSJ5Mar 31, Location: Oslo, Norway. I think their music sounds fuller in stereo.

It fills the room much more to my ears. Except maybe "Please Please Me". Some songs on "With the Beatles" is fine in stereo for me while a rocker like "Roll Over Beethoven" is very tight and rocks out of the speakers in mono.

I grew up with getting their albums in the 70s. It was stereo so I might be biased. I don't now. Reading that "Sgt. Pepper" and that their music generally sounds better in mono confuse me. I don't think so myself. Good picking. I'd make these changes: Revolver - German Apple Sgt. You can hear the 4 tracks separate in your headphones. Tom in HoustonMar 31, Should be some solid state cuts in there.

A Hard Days Night would be one.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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The Fall of Roblox: The Forums

Home Forums Misc. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter DavidMahler Start date Jun 7, First Prev 4 of 5 Go to page. Post 46 of Redcarmoose Headphoneus Supremus. Share This Post. Nov 10, Post 47 of Joined Jul 7, Messages Reaction score Joined Jul 7, Posts Likes If I don't want to sit around waiting for the oldest CD versions to come up, are there any current versions that are even worth having?

Or older remasters that are easy to find? There's so much on Amazon from so many different dates my head is going to explode. Some of it isn't too bad, but some of it is just horrendous. Cymbals especially can be so weak and flat sounding, and some songs just seem to lack bass punch. If I can't do any better though, I probably won't bother. Oh, and I'm looking for Ozzy era material specifically. Post 48 of Joined Mar 6, Messages 4, Reaction score Joined Mar 6, Posts 4, Likes Nov 12, Post 49 of Password Netphoria's Amazon.

So there may be some interest in these. If anyone helps me out with the vinyl rips, I'll gladly mirror them!

There was one of MCIS a while ago, but the guy took it down after links were posted here. I used to have it too but seemed to have misplaced it. Talk about dedication, going all the way to the down under to read a rolling stones. Just tryin' to be sure. Just trying to keep stuff from being mislabeled.

pbthal forum

Hey, if that's the case, then that's awesome! I was always checking his original blog before he shut it down. I figured all the goodies had just kinda fizzled out. Here's a different PI rip as posted in the Pisces thread on the discussion board. Cool to compare em. I'll keep em both to mix it up. Gonna listen to SD soon. Location: Welcome to the real world jackass.

Welcome to Bootlegzone !

Originally Posted by Venom. The file you attempted to download is an archive that is part of a set of archives. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. Location: I was born a snake handler, and I'll die a snake handler.

Originally Posted by tastic. Could you upload this to a different host please? I really want this and couldn't find the rip anywhere else. Depositfiles would be a sensible alternative. Seriously guys, don't upload to mediafire, it's the most restrictive of all free hosters e.

pbthal forum

Find More Posts by Rider. Originally Posted by Rider. How's the foot of your turtle?

pbthal forum

I have leeched you dry now Thanks to the uploader!Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by Neilson77Dec 18, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Audiophile Snake Oil? Location: Nottingham UK. I have what I would class as a decent mid range system.

I also own copies of the same records he needledropped. I can easily tell the difference between different Vinyl pressings done by different cutting engineers so my hearing must be quite good. The question is, is very expensive so called "audiophile" grade equipment just snake oil? I understand better, more expensive gear offers improved sound but is this improvement just subtle and not something big?

Last edited: Dec 18, Neilson77Dec 18, Location: Atlanta. ScottCGaslightJL and 4 others like this. Typically the considerably higher priced gear also has quite noticeably higher performance.

There are even many components that are not terribly expensive, rather just a bit more than the decent stuff which provide better performance at very good values. Now that said, you can screw-up anything. It is possible to select odd combinations of nice equipment that do not compliment each other and wind-up with a system that doesn't sound any better on the whole than an average system. You should just make it a point to visit a nice hi-fi shop or two, even if it means traveling a short distance and asking for an appointment, just to hear what some of the more expensive equipment can do.

When you return, if you are truly an "audiophile with excellent sensitive hearing", you'll be looking over your finances. KT88Dec 18, Oh boy Erik TracyDec 18, Mabutu and Ntotrar like this. Location: mt pleasant michigan. Location: Morgantown, West by God Virginia. I am disappointed.

DarkAuditDec 18, Stone TurntableDec 18, ScottC likes this. Rick58Dec 18, Peter Pylethegage and Stone Turntable like this.Forgot your password? I remember buying it on the very day of its release in Fall, I never paid much attention in ' I'm sure my Stereo wasn't the best.

It really was like hearing this LP for the first time!! Get this "RL" version if you can. I need to get one of these. I've always wondered what all the fuss was about for these pressings. I have two different pressings of II. One is just a late pressing that is not even worth putting on.

The other is the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing which is the best I've ever heard, but sadly it is missing a large chunk of vinyl. I hear nothing but good things about the RL pressing. I'm interested in all things LZ vinyl, can you tell me the matrix details?

How is a Ludwig recognised? Is it a red and plum label? Is it "Killing floor" or "Lemon song"? And on eBay they want mega bucks for them. So I settled for the pbthal rip and have my mint '77 reissue of II. Still a huge improvement over the current CD offerings. I picked up a close-to-mint looking copy of this LP last summer at a garage sale for a couple bucks don't hate mebut I don't seem to be having the superb audio fidelity I keep reading about.

The first track on each side play very well and all of the quieter parts of the LP play well fairly quiet between trackshowever most of the louder parts of the other tracks tend to distort and crackle.

Am I hearing the distortion that caused many people to return the LP back in ? Is this just the status quo for this LP, and if so, I'm surprised this distortion doesn't get mentioned since it sure distracts from the overall sound quality IMO.

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