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Magnetic pull between soul mates

Is your current partner your soul mate? Here are 10 relationship signs that you have found your soulmate! A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.

Twin Flame Magnetism & Attraction: What You Need To Know

Carmen Harra. Soul mates differ from life partners. Some people, not ever encountering a soul mate or soul connection, settle down with a life partner. These relationships can be very satisfying. They are often built on mutual trust, respect and friendship. You see, in life, we have no control over timing and sometimes less control of circumstance. Some cannot wait forever in hopes of encountering a soul mate, so they are satisfied with a mature life-partner relationship.

For some it is about survival, security or simple companionship, and the word soul mate does not resonate. The concept may seem flighty, dreamy and unrealistic. Life circumstance, timing, availability, security and many other factors may all influence our relationship choices….

Chances are if you are open, ready and blessed enough to meet a Soul Mate in this life time it will happen unanticipated and unexpected. It can feel unsettling, destabilizing and ungrounding because it is a different connection than any other you have verbale di seduta 28 novembre 2017 servizio ispett l 1 vers firmato. There are no words or explanations that can clearly articulate such a connection.

It is a magnetic energy, an intuitive knowing and it just seems right. Actually, timing and way are quite often terrible. But when it arrives, you know. You step back to catch your breath because deep down you know this is special.

This is different.

magnetic pull between soul mates

This is genuine. It is raw and it is so damn real you want to run away just to soak it up and take it in. The soul mate. The one you feel vibrate when they are a thousand miles away. The one you hear whisper when they think about you. The one who lets you move freely but embraces your shadow from afar. That one. The one you feel like you have known for a million years. When you finally settle into the WOW, you see the beauty, the rarity, and eventually the clarity. You know it is real, a keeper.

Sometimes as a friend, other times a lover. Sometimes transient, other times permanent. These beautiful soul reminders may too, just pop into our lives temporarily to remind us of what we have been forgetting; our writing, singing, creating, imagining, dancing or living.All good ultimately is from God and people are simply the vector.

Human beings who try to take credit for all good that has happened to you are dangerous for your independent development whether they have good intentions or not. Being engaged to Akil was like a fairytale. His mother was so loving to me and even helped plan our wedding.

She also helped me learn a lot about Islam. Till today she holds a special place in my heart. When I met her, I felt for the first time that I was part of a real family. His extended family rejected the matrimony on the grounds that I was black, as it was preferred that he marry a woman with fair skin.

In fact, the only ones who supported the marriage were his parents. His other family members were quite vocal in their opposition to his decision to marry a black woman. In Indian culture, colorism is very common, so their disappointment was with my skin color more than my ethnicity [as an African-American]. I began wearing hijab that year, and it was a refreshing experience for me as a woman. For the first time in my life I was able to walk down the street without being catcalled, flirted with, or approached for sex.

In fact, my whole spiritual transformation that year was rejuvenating. I had a loving husband and supportive in-laws, and it felt really good to be part of a functional, healthy family unit. It was a really good job in an environment where I was one of the only females amongst mostly middle-aged White men. My position entailed mostly research, which I analyzed and compiled to present at our weekly meetings. I was a hard worker and took pride in not only doing excellent work but also maintaining a good rapport with my superiors and colleagues.

I requested a meeting with the hiring manager, and without knowing what I wanted to talk to him about, he agreed. Technically, my conversion to Islam had no direct bearing on my work, but I was a bit nervous nonetheless. I had no idea how he would react to the news. However, as we sat across from each other at the office table, I managed to put into words what I felt he should know.

I winced. He was angry with me because he and his friends could no longer stare at my legs? I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Ascended twin flame exerts magnetic pull on you

I felt violated on so many levels, but I maintained professional cordiality. What else could I do? I was a young Black woman just getting my foot in the door in my field, and he was a respected White man who had the ability to fire me at will.

So I said nothing. Fortunately, I did excellent work, so it was advantageous for the company to keep me.Twin flame magnetism and attraction?

Are You Drawn To Someone Like A Magnet?

The twin flame connection represents the strongest spiritual relationship we will experience in our lifetime. This connection manifests on the spiritual plane as the silver cord, an endlessly elastic and entirely unbreakable bond between the heart chakras of the twin flames. This silver cord, along with the unique vibrational frequencies it is attuned to, is the origin of the magnetism and attraction between twin flames.

But how do the twin flame magnetism and attraction work, and what do we need to know about the silver cord that exists between twin flames? Therefore, it is outside of our control. Either can tap into the silver cord and read its energies and vibrations. It is in this way that we may communicate telepathically with our twin flame, but it is also where our private emotions may find their way to our twin flame.

This is important for magnetism across the connection, as it means that both twins are pulled towards each other at the same time. This becomes crucial for reuniting twin flames after the runner and chaser phase, as the runner always has to work harder than the chaser just to maintain distance. The silver cord is an emergent phenomenon stemming from the unity and shared the soul of the twin flames.

It exists because of the unique vibrational frequencies of the shared soul, harmonising with and amplifying itself. It is a fundamental attraction, a deep soul level yearning to be unified, longing to be one as to fulfil the ultimate goal of consciousness.

When we feel the urge to be with our twin flame, that urge is coming from deep within our soul, from the fundamental properties of energy that govern the spiritual plane.

Because of the intense energies involved in the twin flame relationship, when that energy is released poorly it can result in the pushing away of one of the twin flames.

This is a hugely common property of the twin flame relationship, entirely natural and a part of the process we just have to go through. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Soul Mates in Emotional Wounding

Conscious Reminder. Love this!!Kundalini is the ancient Sanskrit name for the primal life force that animates all living beings. The activation of this energy, also known as Holy Spirit, Chi or Prana, initiates the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment by unifying our body, mind, and soul. Since it originates from the Divine Source, it leads into an expanded state of consciousness and interconnects us with all living beings — and ultimately God.

It also unveils our true nature, nourishing our individual uniqueness and validating our sacred purpose — while encouraging others to do the same. This seed or spark of god energy lies dormant within us, coiled tightly around our root chakra awaiting the time of our spiritual awakening. Once ignited, the kundalini fire moves up through the rest of the Chakras energy centresactivating each of them in turn by burning away any blockages that it meets on its way, causing negative emotions to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Once all blockages cleared, the energy reaches the top of the head and passes through the crown Chakra, where it melds with the descending flow of spiritual energy, namely universal consciousness and God.

In the resulting sacred mystical experience, known as Kundalini Awakening, we find not only the decisive proofs that God exists but also the secret to living this human life as divine beings. An awakened kundalini creates a direct connection to the spiritual and divine realms and opens up our intuition; enabling us to receive messages and revelations coloured with inspiration. It is for this very reason that all spiritual and religious traditions seek the release of this life force energy actively, either through a systematic approach of exercises, breath practise, prayer or meditation.

Our kundalini can also be awakened through more passive means, such as a path of surrender where one lets go of all the impediments to awakening.

This can happen during a physical or ethereal encounter, and can be intentional or not. This only raises the kundalini temporarily but gives the student an experience to use as the basis. Kundalini can also be triggered or released by an outside force such as a traumatic accident, near-death experience or emotional trauma.

A kundalini awakening is one of the effects of coming into contact with your Twin flame. The force required to release the pulsating, creative kundalini energy is atomic — just like the nuclear fusion of the complementary polarities of the energetic bodies of the Twin Flames!

When Twin Flames connect this ignites the eternal fire of kundalini within them. The reason the physical contact is not required is that twin flames are connected to each other through the 5-body system; of which physical togetherness is only a small part. The awakening of the Kundalini is a gradual process and the symptoms leading up to the energy reaching the crown chakra producing self-realization and englightenment can take years.

This is where, even when the Twin Flames are no longer in physical contact, the energy connecting their central nervous system and five major organs will be linked up.

The awakening now emerges from the unconscious interaction with the energy body of our Twin, often cumulating after we have reached a moment of surrender. The resulting atomic fusion then releases the secrets that are locked within our DNA and changes the frequency vibration of the mental body, sparking unity within ourselves as well as with the Divine.

This often also includes an incredible sensation of unconditional love, bliss and desire for our Twin Flame. This does not mean that both Twins are ready for union at this point, it just means that the spark has been ignited and everything from this point on is preparation for their final union together. As the Twins adjust and balance their energies on all levels these entwine and form one single being— with the physical level often being the final icing on the cake. Therefore, in reality the kundalini awakening is the awakening of the oneness they once shared.

Sometimes once we get to close proximity of the physical union with our Twin Flame and look back at the beginning of our spiritual awakening it may seem like perhaps our Twin Flame knew about the connection before we did. This may or may not mean that they knew all along that you are their Twin Flame; however they may have been able to have a more balanced view and approach to the whole situation and connection.

There are many resources on the internet detailing the various Kundalini symptoms. Once the kundalini reaches our crown Charkra opens, we experience a full-blown, big bang type expansion of our consciousness. Often a person will experience feelings of spontaneous bliss and ecstasy, as well as intervals of tremendous joy, love and compassion. The kundalini awakening also brings along many psychic experiences, such as pastlife memories, astral travel, awareness of chakras and auras, extrasensory perception, contact with spirit guides, dreams and visions, increased creativity spiritual music, art, poetry etc.Are you drawn to someone like a magnet?

You want to know about them more.

The Difference Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

You have an uneasy feeling when they are around. If you feel that way for someone, then you are not alone. Even though you have never met them before, but you have this feeling. The magnetic pull is so strong that it makes you uncomfortable unless you manage to be with that person. There are many reasons why you feel magnetically attractive towards him. This irresistible pull is because of your soul. You feel a pull towards him because of:.

In the spiritual realm, your soul makes agreements with other souls to perform different tasks in the upcoming life. When these souls appear in your life, you are struck with the sense of profound recognition, and thus you feel attracted. When someone from your past life appears in the present life, your soul knows them and makes you want to know more about them. There are souls that you meet for the first time in any life, but your soul finds them attractive.

It is because you belong to the same soul group. If a person radiates the same vibrational energy as yours, you will feel attractive. It is because, in their presence, you can balance your own energy levels to learn more and grow. Some relationships are there to teach you valuable life lessons. You feel attracted towards him because you need to learn something useful from him. Well, the answer could be a yes or a no!

It depends on many factors. As mentioned above, many reasons make you feel attracted towards them. When the attraction is present on the soul level, it is always mutual like the soul agreements, past life connection, etc. To know whether a person is also attracted towards you, you need to see some signs. Like the way they talk or behave in front of you. Your own judgment will provide you with the answer. Then decided to find out more about them and who they are!And for those who have yet to bump into your beloved, hold your horses, they are on their way.

I say that meeting your soul mate is a blessing beyond words because it is. There is so much garbage written and portrayed out here about soul mates that when one encounters this energy and when real freaky scary, life altering stuff happens, not only are we confused, we find ourselves cursing the day we set eyes on them. We have been told that once the love of our lives enters the picture, we can then spend the rest of our days in sexual bliss, obvious to the cruel world around us.

Nope, I seem to always be the one to break the bad news to everyone, but the truth shall make us all free, and here is the truth. If you have connected with your Divine counterpart, nine times out of ten, you have earned this connection, you and your beloved has showed enough devotion to your spiritual growth and reached a vibrational pitch signaling not only the magnetic pull towards each other, but also altering your Higher Self that you are ready to enter a higher path of spiritual enlightenment.

See this connection is not all about romance, baby making and long strolls on beautiful beaches, it encompasses this, but oh, it is so much more. There are many roads home, but you signed up for this one. So although you feel the bliss of love with your beloved, this is not the time to take your eyes off of your spiritual growth, actually, coming into this connection will accelerate your growth.

This connection with your beloved does some amazing things like open the heart chakra allowing you to feel love like never before; It also opens the third eye and crown chakra enabling you to have access to higher intelligence and telepathic communications. But most importantly, this energy opens you up to your Higher Self. Now once you connect with the Higher Self, oh boy, hold on because the ride is going to be bumpy for a while.

See, your higher Self has only one concern and that is for you to stay in alignment with you. Some of us truly believe that we are being as real as we can, but in truth we are not.

We are all out of balance energetic-wise and we are all carrying dysfunctional beliefs about what love and loving is. To truly be a fully functioning, fully integrated human being having a spiritual experience, we must become balanced with both our masculine and feminine energy.

We hold within us both energies, but rarely do we take full advantage of these energies, resulting in men and women, so ignorant and out of touch with each other, that we cannot help but to create dysfunctional mayhem.

magnetic pull between soul mates

The masculine and feminine energies together create a whole healthy human. When these energies are balanced with an individual, you have a male or female that can respond to life with reverence and appropriateness. This individual can seamlessly and unabashedly shift between his or her logic and intuition to address inner and outer situations. But thus far we have a globe full of men and women that are addicted to one energy, men relying solely on their masculine energy, and women relying on their feminine energy.

This is wrong, and it does not flow with nature one bit! This out of balance relationships with our energy creates not only a serious misalignment within us; it creates a very sick and parasitic dependency on the opposite sex.

The chaos that you believe you are experiencing is not chaos at all. As stated time and time again, soul mates that are coming together have very important work to do, as the planet shifts into a higher frequency, not only will soul mates serve humanity as light workers and way showers, they will also come together as templates for how a balanced relationship is suppose to function. A template that is void of parasitic elements of the relationships of the past. The chaos begins to occur when one does not understand that the Higher Self is now in full control at this point.

The Highest Self main job is to bring you back to the natural order of living, and that is to assist you in balancing your masculine and feminine energy. Your Higher Self will work directly with the Universal Law of Attraction, bringing into our experiences that will help you to correct your energy misalignment.

So what does this look like? It looks different for every individual, but generally, for a male that is not accustomed to tapping into his heart-centered energy to make decisions, the Higher self will continuously bring into his experiences opportunities for him to act from that place, he may even have to make the choice of giving up his worldly comforts so that he can enter into a loving, spiritual bond with his soul mate.

This is a challenge for a man that uses his logic and physical being in all his affairs, he must learn to trust love and the wisdom of the heart, we must learn to befriend his feminine energy. The chaos that one feels is actually an opportunity for you to create a new foundation for your life. A foundation that will bring together you and your beloved in a harmonious union and it takes time, shifting and letting go of things in our lives that forces us to act out of balance energetically.

We must learn how to use every part of our being to rebuild the new. There will be a period of excruciating loses and decision making, until soul mates get to the point of true surrender and bring themselves back to the truth of this Divine connection, and that is enlightenment.Frustrated by the partners you attract? If you are experiencing frustration with the type of men that you attract?

As you become more and more successful and strong in expressing masculine qualities chances are you making these 3 critical mistakes with men:. Mistake 1: Not appreciating him As we become stronger and more powerful, it becomes harder for us to appreciate men, and the gifts that they bring to us. Men have many gifts to give to the world.

They protect, they lead with direction, they take care of the hardships of life, which allows us to feel feminine and relax. Appreciating his effort literally fuels a man and inspires him to go out again and again, and hunt some more. Lack of appreciation has just the opposite effect, and it kills his desire to do anything for us. Chances are that you step in and take charge a little too quickly.

Resisting temptation Please, resist this temptation. It leaves him feeling emasculated and you overburdened.

Instead, learn how to cultivate your Feminine essence and inspire him to make better decisions. You can also help a man feel more powerful in his Masculine self by trusting his direction and purpose and showing faith in his ability to make things happen and produce results. Furthermore, as women step in and try to do everything themselves, they leave men feeling unappreciated and powerless.

They literally emasculate the very man inside. Mistake 3: Not understanding and appreciating your Feminine essence This is a tough one, and the very one that makes you feel you need to prove yourself strong and masculine, in order to be respected and loved. What makes this mistake easy to make is that in the Western world, we are conditioned to value Masculine qualities… determination, fearlessness, etc. This conditioning is so strong, to a point that we make our Feminine qualities wrong — being sensitive, caring, and free-spirited is not looked upon as a good role model for success.

What this type of man needs is a woman to inspire him and bring him closer to his heart, a woman who trusts his ability to make things happen, believes in him and, even when he is down on his knees, will have a way to inspire him back on his feet.

Feminine essence If you allow your Feminine essence to weaken in your search for success and power, it will be impossible to create the vacuum that a Masculine man needs in order to be attracted by you.

Remember, attraction is a magnetic pull, and not a choice. Find out what happened to them as these changed occurred. Was it a happy ending? You are commenting using your WordPress.

magnetic pull between soul mates

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. As you become more and more successful and strong in expressing masculine qualities chances are you making these 3 critical mistakes with men: Mistake 1: Not appreciating him As we become stronger and more powerful, it becomes harder for us to appreciate men, and the gifts that they bring to us.

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