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Formattazione server ibm

Researchers at cybersecurity and penetration testing company Positive Technologies found and responsibly disclosed the bug, which was patched two weeks ago but only announced by Positive Technologies yesterday. So, to explain: SSRF is a way that someone with possibly very limited access to your network can send a legitimate looking query to one of your servers…. As an analogy, imagine that you want to trick an employee into giving away their sales figures for the quarter so far.

For example, something as simple as the error message you get back from a server that is vulnerable to SSRF could help you come up with a list of valid internal network names and IP numbers. Alternatively, if you can trick the vulnerable server into calling outside its own network by sending it an otherwise legimitate request, you may be able to capture server data such as secret authentication tokens or special HTTP headers that are usually only visible if you are already inside the network.

These leaked headers could help you to compromise other servers on network by revealing internal-only network secrets. This may allow an authenticated attacker to send unauthorized requests from the system, potentially leading to network enumeration or facilitating other attacks. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. Skip to content. XG Firewall. Intercept X. For Home Users. Free Security Tools. Free Trials. Product Demos. Have you listened to our podcast?

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Conceptual and explanatory information to explain a technology or help complete a task. The IBM coding community is worldwide — and it offers you a unique advantage. Our developer experts host meet-ups and offer personal mentoring. And the global collective of coders lets you connect with peers to brainstorm, create, and solve challenges.

IBM Maximo Asset Management servers patched against attacks

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Get the code. Logo github. Building an Istio 1. September 29, Build a streaming app using a Python API. September 24, List numbered Tutorials Complete code solutions that are focused on specific tasks. October 5, Version 9. WebSphere Application Server V9.

Developers want solutions that provide an iterative approach to application modernization. These solutions must be based on business needs and application complexity. Priority must be given to solutions that take advantage of existing software investments and a trusted infrastructure.

In addition, adoption of new technologies must be controlled and implemented at an organization's own pace. Success in the new era depends on how enterprises transform IT to bring increased agility and speed to their existing business. As enterprise IT is required to implement business strategies to enter new markets, reach new customers, and drive competitive differentiation, IT needs a new way to build software that is faster, more flexible, and more serviceable.

Reusable components are also required to allow for rapid assembly of applications in support of dynamic business needs. This approach requires an application platform that offers:. WebSphere Application Server, with its traditional and Liberty runtimes, offers production-ready, standards-based compliance to support the Application Modernization strategies that underpin business transformation.

Additional features and enhancements to WebSphere Application Server offer an ideal infrastructure that is well-suited for enterprise IT, upon which businesses can deliver composable applications and enhancements to help operational modernization. Converging the operational models of traditional WebSphere Application Server and Kubernetes takes advantage of Kubernetes platform services, such as logging and monitoring.

This helps to enable secure, flexible, and efficient access to internal or external software components and services. These enhancements ease integration of WebSphere runtimes in the DevOps workflows to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery to container-based Kubernetes environments such as IBM Cloud. These artifacts are easily configured, shared, and deployed. In addition, WebSphere Liberty applications are easily deployed to on-premises environments and can apply sub-capacity charging through suitable configurations.

For details of the statement of direction for WebSphere Application Server enhancements, see Software Announcementdated February 12, See the Availability of national languages section for national language availability. Existing applications can take advantage of Kubernetes platform services, such as logging and monitoring, to enable both existing and net-new applications to be managed in a consistent way.

WebSphere Application Server is a proven, high-performance transactional runtime that helps clients build, run, integrate, and manage dynamic business applications. All WebSphere Application Server editions are built on a common server foundation that is designed to deliver the same Java EE and broad programming model support and transactional runtime. However, WebSphere Liberty is designed and optimized for fast-paced deployments of applications that deliver business value through continuous integration and delivery.

WebSphere Application Server traditional and WebSphere Liberty continue to deliver the highest level of enterprise qualities of services that are required for the most demanding workloads. These include rock-solid security, high availability, reliability, and serviceability, a high-performance transaction engine, and intelligent management capabilities that minimize end-user outages and maximize operations.

WebSphere Liberty, while maintaining cloud-friendly aspects, such as light weight and fast startup, extends these capabilities through additional programming models and ease of integration with DevOps workflows that shorten the delivery lifecycle of modern applications. It provides a simplified single view to drill down to different aspects of the application to simplify lifecycle management, health, and performance.

Application Navigator allows multi-component applications to be viewed and managed, and seamlessly extends into IBM Multicloud Manager where multi-cluster, policy-based automation and placement is controlled. Liberty advisor is built into the traditional WebSphere Administrative Console.

It analyzes the enterprise applications that clients select. Then, they can quickly see at a glance apps that are ready for deployment to WebSphere Application Server Liberty and that need some additional modification.The device is not ready. Disk is not formatted The disk in drive A is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now? Some older preformatted floppy disks do not contain a media descriptor byte. Older product disks may also not have the media descriptor byte.

Unboxing, Very Powerful HP DL380p server - 065

The media descriptor indicates the type of medium currently in a drive. Therefore this problem does not occur with these older operating systems. The media descriptor byte is located in the BPB of the boot sector at offset 21 15h and in the first byte of each FAT on the disk. Warning : This workaround is for advanced users only.

formattazione server ibm

This workaround involves using a disk sector editor to modify the media descriptor byte on the floppy disk. Misuse of a disk sector editor may make all the data on the drive or volume permanently inaccessible. Disk sector editors function at a level "below" the file system, so the typical checks for maintaining disk consistency do not apply. This provides you direct access to every byte on the physical disk regardless of access credentials.

Therefore, you can damage or permanently overwrite critical on-disk data structures.

formattazione server ibm

Use this workaround at your own risk. To work around this problem, use a disk sector editor to change the BPB media descriptor byte to the appropriate value. DiskProbe Dskprobe. The following table lists the most common media descriptor bytes: Byte Capacity Media Size and Type F0 2. More Information. Last Updated: Aug 19, Was this information helpful? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience.

Australia - English. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Canada - English. Crna Gora - Srpski. Danmark - Dansk. Deutschland - Deutsch. Eesti - Eesti.More than five years have passed since researchers warned of the serious security risks that a widely used administrative tool poses to servers used for some of the most sensitive and mission-critical computing. Now, new research shows how baseboard management controllers, as the embedded hardware is called, threaten premium cloud services from IBM and possibly other providers.

Using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface, admins can reinstall operating systems, install or modify apps, and make configuration changes to large numbers of servers, without physically being on premises and, in many cases, without the servers being turned on. Inresearchers warned that BMCs that came preinstalled in servers from Dell, HP, and other name-brand manufacturers were so poorly secured that they gave attackers a stealthy and convenient way to take over entire fleets of servers inside datacenters.

Researchers at security firm Eclypsium on Tuesday plan to publish a paper about how BMC vulnerabilities threaten a premium cloud service provided by IBM and possibly other providers. The premium service is known as bare-metal cloud computing, an option offered to customers who want to store especially sensitive data but don't want it to intermingle on the same servers other customers are using.

The premium lets customers buy exclusive access to dedicated physical servers for as long as needed and, when the servers are no longer needed, return them to the cloud provider. The provider, in theory, wipes the servers clean so they can be safely used by another bare-metal customer.

formattazione server ibm

Eclypsium's research demonstrates that BMC vulnerabilities can undermine this model by allowing a customer to leave a backdoor that will remain active once the server is reassigned. The backdoor leaves the customer open to a variety of attacks, including data theft, denial of service, and ransomware.

To prove their point, the researchers commissioned a bare-metal server from IBM's SoftLayer cloud service. The server was using a BMC from Supermicro, a hardware manufacturer with a wide range of known firmware vulnerabilities. The researchers confirmed the BMC was running the latest firmware, recorded the chassis and product serial numbers, and then made a slight modification to the BMC firmware in the form of a single bitflip inside a comment.

The researchers then returned the server to IBM and requested new ones. Eventually, the researchers were assigned one with the same chassis and product serial number as the server they had previously obtained and modified.

An inspection of the server didn't inspire confidence. According to the report:. We did notice that the additional IPMI user was removed by the reclamation process, however the BMC firmware containing the flipped bit was still present. This indicated that the servers' BMC firmware was not re-flashed during the server reclamation process. The combination of using vulnerable hardware and not re-flashing the firmware makes it possible for a malicious party to implant the server's BMC code and inflict damage or steal data from IBM clients that use that server in the future.Watch our story.

We as a society need to implement scientific thinking at all scales to find new methods and solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. IBM 5 in 5.

formattazione server ibm

Radically accelerating the process of discovery will enable our sustainable future. Run an AI algorithm where computation and storage coexist on a single chip. Access the experiment. Train a verifiably safe drone for dynamic environments. Compare VSRL with traditional reinforcement learning to see how they perform under different environmental conditions and with different amounts of training.

CLAI helps you navigate the command line more efficiently, removing roadblocks and finding missing dependencies.

Explore all experiments. Recent news. Experience a new era of improved public discourse with AI technology. Read blog.

Server rental

Fran Allen spent her career advancing the field of computing. Get the latest research news in your inbox each month. Sign up. Discover more news at our blog. United States. Hybrid Cloud.

Quick Links. The Urgency of Science We as a society need to implement scientific thinking at all scales to find new methods and solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

IBM 5 in 5 Radically accelerating the process of discovery will enable our sustainable future.Possibly the desired model is still available in stock, but not displayed on the website. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. An organisation always needs to able to rely on its IT environment. What should you do if you urgently need extra server capacity? We stock dozens of IBM Power servers, enabling us to deliver what you need within 24 hours.

Would you like to be sure in advance about whether a concept, solution or strategy will actually work? You can find out by testing it first in your own live environment and with your own workload s. By using a Proof of Concept PoC you can minimise your investment risk.

In that case a customised OPEX solution would be ideal. Uniquely, you can even downscale during the contract period. We offer a choice of various different servers. They can be delivered to any location you want and rented for however long you need them. Since our company was founded, we have been the only official IBM demo pool partner in the Benelux countries.

How Do I Low-Level Format a SATA or ATA (IDE) Hard Drive?

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